Piracy (Video):- India being a very large country in geographical terms and densely populated country, it is practically very difficult to completely prevent piracy / infringement / violation of intellectual property rights.
A copyright violation under Section 63 B of the Copyright Act, 1957 (the Act), is a cognizable criminal offence where, upon complaint, police can raid and arrest officials of an infringing company and seize all evidence. Under section 64 of the Copyright Act, 1957, police has power size infringing copies.
In view of the unequivocal provisions contained under Section 69 of the Act, all persons responsible for the conduct of affairs of the company concerned, are liable for imprisonment and fine. While this strong legal remedy is available in India, as is in most other countries, in India, software companies more typically to select action against end-user piracy through milder civil actions.
The choice of civil or criminal remedies will depend upon the facts and circumstances pertaining to every case, and the same cannot be universalized.
Piracy is not only in India. Its happening in other parts of the world too. Its happening in India due to a simple reason. Its due to ignorance and lack of good legal systems to track and kill Piracy. 

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