APLAWCET & APPGLCET-2015 Important Dates

Notification of APLAWCET-201516-03-2015 (Monday)
Start of Submission & Registration of Online Application Form19-03-2015 (Thursday)
Last Date for Submission & Registration of Online Application Form without Late Fee


Provisos: The purpose of the proviso is to qualify or create an exception to what is in the enactment. It is a fundamental rule of construction that a proviso must be considered with relation to the principal matter to which it stands as a proviso. Therefore, it is to be interpreted harmoniously with the main enactment.[30]

National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT)

National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT):- is a proposed quasi-judicial body in India that will govern the companies in India.[1] It will be established under theCompanies Act, 2013 and is a successor body of the Company Law Board. The principal bench of NCLT is expected to be established in New Delhi. NCLT will have the same powers as assigned to the erstwhile Company Law Board (which are mostly related to dealing with oppression and mismanagement), Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction (BIFR)(revival of sick companies) and powers related to winding up of companies (which was available only with the High Courts)


bonus share is a free share of stock given to current shareholders in a company, based upon the number of shares that the shareholder already owns While the issue of bonus shares increases the total number of shares issued and owned, it does not change the value of the company. Although the total number of issued shares increases, the ratio of number of shares held by each shareholder remains constant.

constructive notice

constructive notice:
a fiction that a person got notice even though actual notice was not personally delivered to him/her. The law may provide thata public notice put on the courthouse bulletin board is a substitute for actual notice. A prime example is allowing service bypublication when a spouse has left the state to avoid service (legal delivery of a legal notice) in a divorce action. The legaladvertisement of the summons in an approved newspaper is treated as constructive notice, just as if the summons and petitionhad been served personally.

Exchange of Property

Exchange of Property

transaction wherein parties trade goods, or commodities, for other goods, in contrast with a sale or trading of 
goods for money.

An exchange of property is a type of barter contract, applicable only to agreements relating to goods and 
services, not to agreements involving land.